Join full-body channel, Maria Owl, and her Beloved, Duane Michael, for a powerful evening of transmission from Mary the Magdalene.

As Maria & Duane prepare to travel to Assisi, Italy for this next phase of their Mother Grid lightwork, you can travel there with them during this event, on a guided journey. Together, we will unearth a body of Ascension Codes hidden behind a veil by the Magdalene, awaiting these times to arise in our consciousness again!

Receive a CLEARING & ACTIVATION from the Great Mother, Sophia, to assist you on your own path of Coming Home.

Maria's Bio:
Maria Christina Owl is an international transformational leader, healer and full-body channel. She has worked with over 15 different indigenous elders around the world, and she herself descends from Mayan, Aztec and Huichol heritage. She taught Indigenous Wisdom in higher education for 11 years, including at New College and Naropa Universities, and she is the former Dean of Students at Energy Medicine University. She holds her own Masterís degree in Integral Counseling Psychology. In 2012 Maria founded Sacred Future, a school devoted to re-integrating human culture back into harmony with Nature and Cosmos through the development of intuitive, authentic leadership.