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    Process Painting and Somatic Inquiry

    January 18 - February 22nd;10:00 am - 1:00 pm
    Where Sebastopol Center for the Arts
    Cost Drop ins: $40 members/ $45 non members. Series: $230 members/ $260 non members. All Materials included.
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    Process Painting and Somatic Inquiry

    Fridays, 10am-1pm
    January 18th to February 22nd
    Painting and Drawing Room
    Sebastopol Center for the Arts

    In the deep of winter we are called to go within, to see what lies in shadow and what's yearning for the light.

    In this class we explore the hidden, perhaps forbidden places that are longing for creative alchemy, loving awareness and transformation.

    This six week class is for the artist in everyone whether or not they have any painting experience. Come for one class or let each class build on the last.

    We begin with a meditation in somatic awareness that will strengthen and ground us in the spacious field of inner knowing, moving into sacred space. From here we use tempera on paper as the medium to explore our inner landscape.
    This is where our spiritual values of non attachment, non judgement and the courage to be ourselves meet the imagination, the stories we hold in the body and our inherent thirst for expression.

    What may appear? .. a demon, an angel or a singular brush stroke that aligns your whole being?
    This is the magic of process painting.

    As you become familiar with intuitive painting and are guided through doubts and inhibitions you just might find that you have a passionate painter inside just waiting to be set free!

    I invite you to come and experience what's waiting to be received, released, or rejoiced in from a vulnerable heart held in a safe and loving space.

    For questions contact Michael Zieve at 707-634-4640 or [email protected]

    About Michael Zieve:

    Michael studied fine art at Rhode Island School of Design and earned a BFA from The Art Institute of Chicago in 1977. Since then he has shown his work extensively in the Midwest, Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Geneva, Switzerland. His workshops in Intuitive Painting Process are where painting and meditative inquiry meet. Some influences are Michele Cassou (Point Zero), Shaun Mcniff (Art as Medicine), Zuza Engler (Embodied Inquiry), Reginald Ray (Somatic Meditation). He began offering Intuitive Art workshops in 2004 at art centers and private studios in the Chicago area.


    " ...the workshop was a wonderful experience for me. I was able through Zieve's gentle coaching, to open my mind to colors I never dreamed of painting with, and to breakdown personal restrictions about what to paint and how to paint. The workshop encouraged me to become one with the brush, the paint, and the paper, and to freely express my interior dialogue in my work."
    Susan Aurinko, Flatfile Galleries, Chicago

    "...I felt challenged to own my ability to listen and take heartfelt action in a medium where I have often felt a great deal of uncertainty. Thanks for your attention and directness. A totally freeing experience. Wonderful Job."
    Don Wenig, Dancing Feet Yoga, Michigan City, IN.

    "I am constantly looking for tools to break down barriers to the creative flow. The workshop with Michael was a big help. It was supportive and fun (yet serious) ...I recommend it to any artist who is looking for ways to looosen up!"
    Lynn Bassa, Chicago

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