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    Become a Field Organizer for a Local Grassroots Political Organization, SCCA

    Location:  Santa Rosa
    Sonoma County Conservation Action

    Employment Status: Regular Part-Time Employee with a commitment to working a
    minimum of 3 days/week, up to a maximum of 30 hours/week.
    Reports to: Field Director and/or Field Manager
    Base Pay: $15-18/hour
    Base Bonus Rate: If applicable, 30% of funds raised over quota are paid as bonus
    Quota: If applicable,$125/shift must be raised
    Schedule: 2:00–10:00 PM Mon–Fri; adjusted for campaigns at 2:30-8 PM and
    weekends from 10:00-3:30 PM
    (Times may shift, depending on time of year, and accommodations for individual campaigns).

    Field Organizers (FOs) represent Conservation Action in the field as we knock on doors and make phone calls to potential members, and interface with the public. FOs work for the protection and enhancement of Sonoma County’s environment by bringing environmental and conservation education and awareness to the citizens of the county through personal contact and one-on-one dialogue.

    The Field Organizer’s main tasks are:

    • Meet and exceed numbers of contacts for political activation goals, which are typically campaign specific.
    • Meet and exceed fundraising goals by renewing memberships and signing up new members.

    Major Responsibilities
    Teamwork: Works with staff to create a positive and motivational work atmosphere in the office and the crew van (or car). Develops strong working partnerships with the staff.
    Logistical and Administrative: Ensures the accurate completion of their Statement of Support and accurately tracks and reports their nightly canvass statistics. Accurately prepares all cash, checks, credit card slips and sustainer forms for processing.
    Fundraising: Meets or exceeds quota to bring funds to the organization, as applicable.
    Training: Participates in the training of Field Trainees and other Field Organizers.
    Safety and Wellness: Carries out job responsibilities in a manner that reflects concern for personal health and safety and for that of co-workers and the public.
    Organizational Relationships: Models respect and consistency in relating to all staff members, board members and the general public.
    Professionalism: Maintains a professional demeanor in the office and in the field: neat and clean appearance, punctuality, and courteous conduct throughout the workday.
    Outreach: Accurately represents the organization and its campaigns to the public.

    Knowledge: Ideal candidate has some knowledge of environmental issues, and will continually work to build their knowledge of environmental protection and conservation strategies promoted by Conservation Action.
    Communication: Canvassers must be articulate and comfortable interacting with strangers in a polite, informative and persuasive manner with diverse types of people.
    Teamwork: Must have the ability to operate individually but also effectively work on a team (be participatory, cooperative, respectful) with diverse individuals and groups.
    Physical Requirements of the Job: The Field Organizer position may require sitting for 4+ hours per day. The Field Organizer position may require walking along uneven terrain for 4+ hours per day. The Field Organizer position may require talking/listening for 7+ hours per day. Field Organizing is outdoor work, and staff are expected to be prepared for and dressed for heat, rain or cold, depending on the time of year.

    Equal Opportunity Employment
    Sonoma County Conservation Actions policy is to recruit, employ, train, develop and promote employees on the basis of individual qualifications, competence and merit. Sonoma County Conservation Action believes that all persons are entitled to equal employment opportunity and does not discriminate on any basis, including race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, age, marital status, physical or mental disability, medical condition, and sexual orientation. Sonoma County Conservation Action seeks personnel from all segments of the community for all job levels and actively supports the development of employees for internal advancement.

    Please Contact Matt Callaway, Field Director Sonoma County Conservation Action 707 335 6262
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