I am a writer and scholar who has disabilities that prevent me from writing by hand or using a computer. In order to complete writing projects that I am working on, I wish to hire an assistant who can take dictation and do word processing. The position is at my home in Santa Rosa. I am seeking an assistant who:

  • Is detail-oriented and highly responsible
  • Can type at least 70 words per minute
  • Has excellent word processing skills
  • Spells very well
  • Is fragrance-free (does not wear perfume or scented personal care products)
  • Does not smoke cigarettes or marijuana (I am allergic)

It is a plus (but not a requirement) to have some background or interest in reading, writing, thinking, or organizing around social justice issues (feminism, LGBTQIA equality, antiracism, disability rights, fat justice, etc.).

If you are interested, please call Anna at 707-528-4554.