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    Santa Rosa City Council member announces running for District 3 Supervisor

    From Santa Rosa City Councilmember Julie Combs:

    Last night I announced at our Santa Rosa City Council meeting that I will not be running for election in our new City Council District 2 this November.

    Today, I am announcing that I will be running for Sonoma County Supervisor in District 3.

    We are living through a historic period of change in Sonoma County and I want to use my inclusive leadership style to help more people solve the problems we face as a region.

    I am proud of all that weíve accomplished in Santa Rosa in the last six years: more open government, more neighborhood involvement, including neighborhood city council districts, more civility among council members, a revitalized downtown and Courthouse Square, progress on the SE Greenway, and Roseland Annexation (finally).

    We continue our critical work to recover from the fires and address our homeless challenges. Our housing crisis remains a work in progress for thousands of residents.

    Rest assured, Iíll remain in my at-large City Council seat for the next two years to finish out my term, and I look forward to working with all of you on these city issues.

    But the challenges we face are bigger than just the city and we need greater leadership in District 3 to solve them countywide.

    Housing is still our #1 priority. Itís what Iíve been working on for years, and it will be my major focus at the county level, looking to increase community involvement there as well. I have many ideas that Iíll be sharing on this as we roll out our campaign in the weeks ahead and I want to hear your ideas as well. This will be a dialogue.

    Please also save the date as we prepare for my first major event running for Sonoma County Supervisor Ė September 6 at 5:30 PM at the Glaser Center.

    Weíll come together to share ideas and organize our run for the primary, which is just 18 months away.

    This will not be an easy race, but nothing worth doing is ever easy, and Iíll need your support. I look forward to a robust debate on all the challenges we face.


    Julie Combs
    Santa Rosa City Council
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    Re: Santa Rosa City Council member announces running for District 3 Supervisor

    Apparently District 3 includes Rohnert Park. I did not realize that until now. Gina BelForte is running for this seat as well. I know nothing about her, but was just wondering how she could qualify given she is a Rohnert park City Councilperson.
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