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    Elaine Stritch at Liberty

    Thursday, August 30th;1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
    Where Rialto Cinemas, 6868 McKinley St, Sebastopol
    Cost $12.50 + service fee
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    Elaine Stritch at Liberty, the Broadway legend's one-woman show, triumphed in New York and won a 2002 Tony Award. This double-Emmy-winning recording was made when she later took London by storm. Stritch's comic timing is impeccable and her anecdotes priceless as she talks and sings her way through fifty years in American theatre. From a disastrous date with Marlon Brando to blowing her chance of starring in The Golden Girls, she is uncompromisingly honest in telling her own story and pulls no punches in recounting her struggle with drink. Sensational, poignant and incredibly funny, Elaine Stritch can still knock an audience dead. 2004 Primetime Emmy for Best Performance, 2004 Primetime Emmy for Best Show. Captured live from London's Old Vic.
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