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    The G-man fights back


    The G-Man Fights Back: Peter Strzok Zaps His Republican Inquisitors
    By John Cassidy

    In recent months, Donald Trump and some of his Republican supporters on Capitol Hill have seized on Peter Strzok—the senior F.B.I. agent who, in 2016, led the Bureau’s investigations of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail practices and of Russian interference in the Presidential election—as if he represented some kind of get-out-of-jail-free card for the President.

    Practically every day, Trump attacks Strzok on Twitter, depicting his role in the Russia probe as proof it was a “Witch Hunt” from the get-go. Last week, Republican officials from the House Judiciary Committee and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee questioned Strzok—pronounced “Struck”—for more than eleven hours in a private session. And on Thursday, the Republican members of the two committees sought to put him on the griddle before the cameras in a joint hearing, only to discover that messing with G-men can be dangerous. It was they and their President who got burned.

    Continues here

    Colbert's coverage:

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    Re: The G-man fights back

    Bottomless hypocrisy:

    View video on facebook.
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