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    Evalena Rose
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    Medi-Rub Massager 2000 Plus -  100

    Location:  Sebastopol
    I have a lightly used clean Medi-Rub that functions perfectly. It retails at $300 new and I am selling it for $100 used. Please message me if you are interested to pick up the product in Sebastopol!

    This Foot Massager is designed to stimulate blood flow in the feet and calves. It is widely used by healthcare and fitness industry professionals to aid in the prevention of cramps, swelling and many foot related problems. It has proven to be particularly effective in providing relief for those suffering from peripheral neuropathy and diabetes. Click here for the original product brochure:


    Maintenance Free Design
    Commercial Grade 2 Speed Motor
    Industrial Strength Thermoplastic Enclosure
    All Steel Inner Construction
    10 Point Inspection for Safe Mechanical Performance
    Balanced For Smooth, Quiet Operation
    Made InThe U.S.A.
    Factory Direct Shipping

    Stimulates Blood Flow with Shoes On or Off
    Aids in Eliminating Cramps and Foot Aches
    Uniquely Designed Arch Bar for strengthening the Plantar
    Invigorates nerve endings related to vital points of
    For Personal and Clinical Treatment
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