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    Seeking a House-Community to "Park it" With and Enjoy Shared Spaces -  500-600

    Location:  Sebastopol
    Hello Conscious Community! I am seeking a community house-space to be a part of with my very own mobile bedroom. I am looking to "park it" near the house, sharing the common spaces with positive, abundant, social people.

    I enjoy the healing and spiritual arts, especially singing, laughing, playing, and sharing. Having the ability to plant some things and share abundance of life with others would be a dream.

    Currently, I live on a farm that is beautiful, but isolated. I'm wanting to create and enjoy the beauties of homespace with others. I like to keep things beautiful.

    I renovated my bedroom a year ago and have been living in it ever since. I love it. She has her own electric and doesn't need any hook-ups, just a level place to rest.

    In my daily life during the week, I'm most often in Sebastopol working. I have a cotton clothing company ( On weekends I go out to play. I'm home mornings and evenings. I am social, and need the freedom to invite a friend or two over for dinner every now and then.

    I'm looking to be within 10 minutes of either Sebastopol or Occidental and spend $500-$600/mo depending on the space.

    Any ideas of places are welcome! Thank you so much for reading :-))
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