Family of three looking for 3 or 2.5 bedrooms with a yard in the Russian River Area. We want to find a lease with the option to buy (goal of buying) or owner financing. Hoping to have a home where we can start a garden, compost, make use of gray water and have solar panels. Our financial situation is a bit strange and has made buying a home through lenders difficult. We have almost no debt; own our vehicle outright; our renters and vehicle insurance are all up to snuff; have a guaranteed yearly amount of $36,500 from Social Security. The down side is due to the SSI extra income comes with serious stipulations but I do freelance. We can give a letter of recommendation as tenants and as neighbors. We’re all introverts, mindful of others and maintain our space well. I’m a mother with two sons, they’re very polite and respectful, the eldest even volunteers. We have been adopted by a large outdoor tomcat. If you know of anything or could point us in the right direction we would very, very much appreciate it.