We are looking for someone to move into the bedroom of our cottage in exchange for some caregiving. You would be living with my dear friend who is coming home from the hospital who will need someone there throughout the night (she sleeps well) and to care for her for negotiated number of hours per day. The hours need to be coordinated with other caregivers. We are offering the bedroom so you would have a pretty good size room and privacy. We will be creating a studio type of set up for her in the main room. Laundry is available to use as well. The room has a nice queen size bed in it for your use. Belongings will have to go in the living room and perhaps a little bit of storage in the back room.

Duties could range from just being present to cooking or taking her on an errand. There will be an IHHS home health worker 4 hours a day to clean, shop and tend to most chores.

If you are interested, please respond to Jody at (707) 484-2066. We are looking for someone to start next week.
Thanks for your consideration.