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    WANTED: Juicer for vegetables-Buy or Trade -  50-100

    Location:  Rohnert Park
    I've been given 3 Ninja 1100 Pro juicers (one is new) and a used Breville, but I have difficulty using them. The Breville doesn't fit in the small space I'm allowed in the shared kitchen, and I can't keep anything on the counter. I tried the new Ninja last week, but my hands are too weak and painful with arthritis to open and close the top.

    A VitaMix would be ideal, but I haven't found one that I could afford. It has to be easy to use, but powerful enough to juice carrots, apples, and other veggies. I like the JackLaLanne style, but have no room for it. So it needs to be a vertical juicer. My preference would be one that doesn't need things chopped up too much.

    I have some things I could trade:

    A New HavaHart Trapping Cage

    White iPad2 32GB Wifi 9.7 with charger, hardly used, and in good condition.

    New in Box-Dell Inspiron 3252 Desktop PC with Intel Pentium N3700 Processor, 4GB Memory, 500GB Hard Drive and Windows 10
    (Monitor Not Included)

    I'm also looking on CL and EBay, so if you spot something, let me know.
    [email protected]

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