My name is William,
I am interested in a rental space to live and make Art in peace, inside and outside...

I am open to partial work trade

I don't smoke cigs, Drink or do drugs.

I have a perfect legal record.
Great references.
I am quiet...I don't listen to music or TV ... I Listen to books.
I have Virtualy No visiters
Certainly no loud or roudy ones.
No children
I am single
No one will live with me no matter where I land.
No Animals (though I like them and can care for yours as needed)
I STRIVE Always to be a good neighbor.
I live on stable disability income...
I have No evictions...
I have NO credit history (At All)
I have a housing voucher (Gurenteed rent) please ask me about it If you need know more... Might not hold restrictions that you may think.

I am VERY tired of apartment life.

Also tired of looking for So Long.

I hope that we might speak if that seems right...
I will always be Honest and Authentic.

Thank you for reading... And consideration.