Reach a deeper sense of peace of mind and love in your heart.

Sound healing with the soothing sounds of Tibetan singing bowls is an effective technique that uses sonic vibration to help

  • Reduce stress.
  • Alter consciousness.
  • Improve health and well-being.
  • Create a deep sense of peace.
  • Radiate your energy emotionally and physically.

This informative and relaxing evening combines sound, visualization, and meditation to not only shift your energy within, but also give vibrant energy to others.

Enjoy a fun experience for healing and energizing the body naturally.

Friday, May 18, 7:30pm-9:30pm
suggested donation $10-$20*/No RSVP Necessary

Jesse Stark has always loved sound and been amazed at the power of musicís effect on us. Transitioning into sound healing to move energy was a natural step for him from being a songwriter and musical artist. His goal is to ignite your energy, find out whatís right with you, and bring the best out of you.