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    Mark Goldes

    Two "impossible" technologies that can replace fossil fuels fast!

    The first is substituting water for gas, diesel & jet fuel. A small firm in Florida has found a way to use water - fresh or salt - to run combustion engines. The conversion will be simple and cheap. The water can be extracted from the atmosphere to eliminate any need to refuel. Imagine the implications for rapid replacement of fossil fuels. See MOVING BEYOND OIL at to learn more.

    The second is generating power from ambient (atmospheric) heat. This is a huge untapped reservoir of solar energy, larger than earth's fossil fuel reserves. Thin laminates have been prototyped that ran clocks and a table fan for more than 10 years. Small units will keep phones charged. 25 large vertical panels in a shed can power a home 24/7. They will provide 35 kW on a hot day and some power all night. See 3 pp attachment.

    Future engines will need no fuel. They will also run on ambient heat. First will be Emergency Generators. Later, they will power every variety of vehicle including cars, ships & aircraft. Electric cars can have micro-turbines to eliminate any external charge. They can be power plants when suitably parked, selling electricity or powering buildings. See NO FUEL PISTON ENGINES & FUEL FREE TURBINES at

    Trolls attack as they are certain these hard-to-believe breakthroughs reflect fraud & dishonesty. Kahn wrote that science moves forward funeral by funeral. We no longer have that luxury. See Toxic Troll Page & my Bio attached.

    Climate chaos is upon us. Replacing fossil fuels fast enough to make a difference cannot happen without revolutionary new science & technology. It is now in the birth canal!
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