I (rioriver) am posting this for my friend Betty. Her request is as follows:

Greetings Sonoma County friends. I'm a compassionate, 62 year-old, reliable, semi-retired and partially disabled woman. I'm looking for a clean, quiet, small one-bedroom cottage (or something similar) in Sonoma County. The Seastopol, Graton, western Santa Rosa, northern Rohnert Part, and Cotati areas are preferable. I have very good credit and references. I enjoy helping you keep your rental and yard beautiful. I have my own equipment.

I am a long-time Sonoma County resident, friendly and respectful of your privacy. I have no children, I'm single and have no pets. I get my pleasure from nature, and live a health and love centered lifestyle.

I can afford about $1600 / month rent ($1633 max), including utilities. I'm looking for about a six-month situation. I need my new home by June 15th.

Please call me,Betty Le Donne, at (707) 829-2051 to explore this further

(note: Please use Betty's phone number to respond to this add and not rioriver's e-mail. Thanks)