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    Fema Trailer Fire Warrior Needs....

    Hi Wacco friends- I just received the following message from my friend who is living in the Fema trailers for fire survivors behind the fairgrounds- (there are small Fema trailers parked behind the fairgrounds housing many people who lost everything in the fire, many of these people are elderly senior citizens). If anyone is able to help with anything on the list, Please let me know-- I live in Santa Rosa and I could meet you in Santa Rosa and I am happy to deliver the items to those in need at the Fema trailers. If you would like to deliver them to the Fema trailers, message me and I will give your the information.

    "If you can put the word out that toilet paper, laundry & dish soap. Brooms, dustpans, swiffers w/wet pads, 30 gallon trash cans and bags, sponges, spray cleaners, dish rags, dish towels, throw rugs and bath towels, along with small and full size liquid bath soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion and shaving cream and razors ARE CONSTANTLY IN NEED! Also many folks have requested small light weight vacuum or stick type vac as well."

    I was at the Fema trailers last week and on Sunday at the Fire survivor giveaway at the flea market and I gave out Safeway gift cards to the elderly people who are in the Fema trailers who needed food and they were very- very tearfully grateful for the help... I can't even describe the look on their faces when they received a hug and gift card and they knew they weren't alone anymore.

    I know we can bring some happiness, trust and peace and maybe a little normalcy to our fellow neighbors who lost everything.

    Thank you for your help have a nice day. Janice
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