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    City of Sebastopol Launches "Locals Who Make a Difference"

    New initiative recognizes those who've helped to make Sebastopol a better place to live.

    The Sebastopol City Council recently approved a new program to acknowledge and thank members of the Sebastopol community for their contributions in helping to make Sebastopol a better place to live. Honorees will be recognized with banners lining Sebastopolís Main Street and Downtown Plaza, a proclamation by the City Council, and on the City website. There will be three honorees each year, with each honoree being featured for approximately four months.

    Vice Mayor Neysa Hinton brought forth the idea of the Locals Who Make A Difference recognition program. "People say over and over that what makes Sebastopol unique and special is the people who live here. Our residents are the Ďheartí of this community. Let's recognize and celebrate them with a recognition program sponsored by the City," said Hinton.

    Anyone may submit a nomination application. Nominees must be living and must reside in Sebastopol or identify Sebastopol as their home community. The accomplishment or contribution to the Sebastopol community for which the nominee is being recognized must not be their primary source of income. Applications will be reviewed by the program subcommittee and approved by the City Council.
    Applications are available at Sebastopol City Hall (7120 Bodega Ave.), Public Works (714 Johnson St.), and on the Cityís website at The program is sponsored by the City of Sebastopol. Sonoma West Times & News has donated promotional space.

    The nomination application deadline for the first honoree is May 1st. The first honoree will be announced at the May 15 City Council meeting. Applications for nominees not chosen for the first round will be retained for future consideration. For more information, visit
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