An Alchemy Of Poetry & Music To Melt Your Heart, Open Your Mind And Set Your Body Dancing.For over 15 years now, Kim Rosen & Jami Sieber have gathered circles of kindred hearts to journey into expressions of true artistry. The magic created by Jamiís cello and chant in resonance with the poems, songs and silence emerging from the stage is a constantly evolving creative wellspring. Poetry and song provide a healing stream of inspiration and awakening.

Join Kim and Jami in a transformative convergence of poems, prayers, and song that speak to the mystery, the stillness, the ineffable joys and sorrows of the inner life. When you take them deeply into yourself and give voice to them, you are giving voice not only to the words, but to your true being.

Since 2001, Kim Rosen and Jami Sieber have been exploring a new dimension of the ancient marriage between poetry and music.
Together they create consciousness-altering immersions in spoken word, melody, rhythm, silence and song where worldbeat rhythms and prayerful stillness interweave with mystical poems from around the world and across time. Concerts vary including the poetry of such masters as Rumi, Mary Oliver, R. M. Rilke, Ellen Bass, Marie Howe, Leonard Cohen, Lucille Clifton, and Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

Each concert is an invitation to rediscover what mystics, poets and shamans have known for centuries: when you join powerful rhythms with the language of the soul, the mind can't contain the experience and bursts open to an unsayable Ahhh! of pure wonder.