We’re hiring one person to learn to make fine chocolates and also be a tea barista, no experience needed. We do NOT need people who have a passion or love for chocolate. We need someone who is creative, attends to the details inherent in making fine products, recognizes that quality is never an accident, and takes the initiative as they learn.

Please apply only if you are ready to work hard and learn how to be efficient at making chocolates and a successful chocolate business. At the same time, you’ll learn about tea and how to make fine tea drinks. If you’re interested, you could also learn how to make fabulous, simple pastries. Many people apply because they believe that making chocolate and drinking tea sounds romantic. They’re right. Most new hires are also surprised that these require working smart & fast while juggling many tasks and are real work. We’d love to find the person who’s up to the task and who can have fun while doing it.

Besides making chocolates and serving tea drinks to customers, you’ll help pack chocolates for storage, wholesale and shipping (making chocolates is only the first step—we have to then sell them. We make good chocolates so we can make a good living.) The job is 25-35 hours a week (we accommodate applicant’s needs as much as possible.) Must be available to work some evenings and at least one weekend day/evening.

We are looking for someone who takes pleasure in a job well done, likes to laugh while working, and is kind by nature. Integrity and honesty are critical, and you need to be professional and honor your commitments. And smile. And like Star Wars and the Beatles. And sometimes Kathleen Madigan. Liking puppies and kittens—optional.

Please include your name, phone number, job history, education, and 3 strong references (at least 2 professional). If you provide ANY other information (likes, strengths, cover letter, etc.) we will disregard your application. Please paste your resume into the body of your email. Making fine chocolates is all about the details we’ll teach—we’re open and direct; here we’re testing your ability to follow explicit directions.

Thank you. Interviews will begin immediately. We want to hire someone by March 6.