I recently did the core training in this energetic modality, and I am just looking for opportunity to practice. There are just a few other practitioners in Marin and I have not seen anyone in Sonoma offering Vortex. my feedback so far:

"This is why people do drugs." (on how it feels, not that it's addictive)

"I was just here, it's like I'm seeing a different world." (with a definite bright light in his eyes)

Absolutely free, just grateful for the opportunity to share this right now - I think it's too valuable not to share. If there's interest I might offer it in Sonoma county as well, maybe as part of the pop-up clinics supporting those who were impacted by the fire.

A bit about my background: I am trained as a massage therapist, (700 hr program) other energetic modalities I've received training in includes Medical Qigong, Reiki and Matrix Energetics. I do resonate the most with Vortex - during the period when I received the training I had a heart opening as well, it is not just a 'tools' based modality.