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    Amazing- Paradise Pet Resort in Rohnert Park offering free pet boarding to fire victims

    Hi wacco family- I can't believe what is happening around us. My daughter Jessy and I evacuated 2 days ago when the smoke and fire surrounding our apartment in santa rosa was sooo bad, I couldn't breath in my home with a mask on (we have 3 different fires surrounding the Howarth Park spring lake area.) I have a serious heart condition and cannot be around any type of smoke so we had to leave fast. We took what was most important -- my daughter jessy and myself and our animal babies in our two small cars. I have always thought in the past what would i take if an emergency happened - never ever imagining it would happen and I am still in shock and feel like this is a nightmare and I will wake up. I thought I would get my daughter and my animal babies nothing else matters and that's what i did.

    But the most amazing miraculous thing happened. The owner at Paradise Pet Resort in Rohnert Park offered all fire victims and their pets free boarding indefinitely. Tears come to my eyes as I write this. How generous and heartfelt this is. As i ran around the house for what felt like forever frantically trying to find my cats -telling them I wouldn't leave without them. We finally found them hiding in closets and took off to paradise.

    Paradise pet resort is housing probably 200 dogs and maybe 100 cats, when I was there today- there were people coming in with tortoises , a parrot and other animals. My cats were calm and very well taken care of by volunteers who were checking on them constantly. I was able to see my cats and let them know how much I loved them and I hope to be back everyday. My rescue cat raimi, put his paw through the cage to me when he saw me and I held his paw promising him we are forever together I will never leave him. I could see the happiness in his eyes when he saw me - It was great. (My cat Monkee has never been out of my bed in 13 years, he is a scaredy cat and sleeps in my arms every night, raimi sleeps on my belly and charliedog on the other side of me.) I know it is sooo hard for them to be away from me and omg this is why i am up at 1am i don't know how to be away from them- I am lost without them- but they are safe. My dog charlie is sooo happy to be playing will many other displaced dogs. . I am now in cotati at a friends house, but we are packed and ready to go from here if needed. I am happy to be in a safe place where I am loved. i don't know when I will be able to go back home or if we will have a home. but I am very blessed and grateful to have had some time to get out and my animals babies are safe. My heart goes out to so many others who have lost everything, My best friend lived on the last street in coffey lane for 30 years raising their family and her husband woke her up in the middle of the night just in time for them to grab car keys and run out the door with the clothes on their backs. They lost everything, had no time to get anything but one car and run..

    Paradise Pet Resort is looking for volunteers to help them with the animals- I wanted to let everyone know if you are able to help at paradise pet resort in any way possible that would be great... It is so amazing how one business has helped so many of us animal lovers who would otherwise maybe be in our cars with our beloved animal family. Paradises phone number is 634-7594.
    Thank you - We are survivors and courageous and with love and support we will heal from this. I always wear a baseball cap that says never give up and had that tattooed on my arm last year, it's great to see everyday now...
    love Janise
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    Re: Amazing- Paradise Pet Resort in Rohnert Park offering free pet boarding to fire victim

    Dang, girl, you really got my tears going! What a wonderful way to help in this widespread emergency! Thanks for posting this.
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