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    Maria Owl

    Community Grief Ritual - Tending Our Sorrow

    Saturday, August 12th;10:00 am - 7:00 pm
    Where Santa Rosa
    Cost $120 - $180
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    Everyone feels grief, but not everyone has been supported in understanding it's true purpose and power. In our modern Western culture grief has gotten a bad rap. Many of us were raised to swallow our tears, or we were told that it's weak to have grief, or that we're too emotional. When we suppress this natural function within us, we create energy blocks which in turn create health imbalances. Emotions are energy in motion. They are supposed to move and flow through us like a river. It is an internal human balancing mechanism; a renewing and cleansing process.

    We may have ideas that if we open the floodgates we'll never stop crying. Or we may feel overwhelmed by the amount of grief we have and fear it will take over our lives if we give in to it just a little bit. Those people who regularly honor their tears will tell you, emotions are likes waves in the sea. When we give them permission to flow, they will rise and fall, rise and fall and then naturally subside, leaving us with a sense of having showered, but on the inside.

    Community grief rituals support us in accessing our sometimes hard to reach emotions. They give us a focus (the grief altar) and a container (skilled facilitators) within which to safely relax our hearts. They also validate us in whatever we're feeling, whether it's personal or global, grief, anger or numbness.

    There is a reason why grief exists and if we allow these waters to flow inside of us, we will learn a great deal about rejuvenation, emotional intelligence, forgiveness, compassion and peace.

    Facilitators: Maria Christina Owl and Mike Shea

    Where: Masonic Hall, 855 7th St, Santa Rosa

    When: August 12th from 10am to 7pm. Please arrive 30 minutes early to register and get settled.

    Meals: Bring a bag lunch. ​Snacks, tea and water provided.

    Cost: Sliding Scale $120 - $180


    Maria Christina Owl has been guiding transformational work with groups since 1998. Her natural emotional adeptness and ability to dive deep with others, holding impeccable, unflinching space, allows those who work with her to open and trust the container. Her background includes ceremonial experience across 17 global native tribes, a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology and Grief Ritual leadership for over 10 years.

    Mike Shea has been facilitating Grief Ritual work for over 6 years, guided by mentors Malidoma Some and Francis Weller. For the past 15 plus years he has experienced his own healing and transformation through earth-based ritual and longs to bring these gifts to other people. He brings a vast set of personal and spiritual gifts to our circle, and is dedicated to people’s healing and the creation of community.

    Duane Vos, Maria's loving husband, holds solid sacred space for sensitive healing work. He is a master Qi Qong practitioner and healer. Maria and Duane recently returned from "seeding" Grief Ritual work in Israel, where they offered a 3-day ritual and 20 hour facilitator training. They will return in June to continue nurturing this sprouting seed!

    "I am incredibly grateful for the embodied presence of Maria Owl's facilitation skills to create such a safe and sacred container for the rawness human emotions. She has a natural ability to weave the individual into the fabric of the collective that not many teachers have. I attended my first Grief Ritual unsure whether I would be able to access my feeling or whether the container could hold the depth of them if I did access them.
    I found that within 15 minutes of the ritual beginning I was at the shrine with 7 others releasing beyond where I'd been before. And the container more than held it. It felt like a miracle! Maria's humble demeanor carries a resonance of peace and guardianship. I felt safe and respected. I left the ritual feeling clean, joyful and connected to everyone, which was a complete surprise to me!" - Heather K.

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