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    Protect Net Nuetrality! Day of action planned for 12th - Sign up for info.

    A new poll shows that people from across the political spectrum overwhelmingly support net neutrality. [1] But here's the problem: the poll also shows that too many people don't know what net neutrality actually is.

    Once people learn about it, they support it. It's common sense. No one wants their cable company controlling what they can see and do on the web.

    But Big Cable and new FCC chairman Ajit Pai (a former Verizon lawyer) are waging an all-out assault on the open Internet and have a plan to kill net neutrality. [2] If they get their way, the Internet as we know it will never be the same…

    This is the battle for the net. Team Internet is uniting and we have a plan to take over the Internet on July 12th to tell Pai that his plan is totally unacceptable. Join us!

    65% of U.S. Internet users agree that ISPs like Comcast and Verizon “cannot block, throttle or prioritize certain content on the Internet,” and despite today’s political gridlock, nearly just as many Republicans (59%) as Democrats (61%) even agree.

    But that same poll also shows that 23% of those surveyed don’t know what net neutrality is.

    We need to reach those people to win and in order to do that, it’s going to take every single blogger, gamer, vlogger, forum-user, and Team Internet member like you.

    Join the fight to keep the pressure on Congress and to take a strong stand against Pai and Big Cable’s plan to destroy the Internet.

    Major sites like Amazon, Netflix, and Twitter are joining Internet users, start-ups, and small businesses from across the country for the July 12th Internet-Wide Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality.

    You’re still missing from this important action. Click here to RSVP for the day of action now!

    Once you RSVP, you’ll receive updates from Team Internet detailing how you can participate in the day of action whether you’re a mobile app, website, business, or just an Internet user who refuses to allow Big Cable to charge us extra fees for a service we already pay them for.

    Join Team Internet on July 12th—the future of the web needs you!

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    Re: Protect Net Nuetrality! Day of action planned for 12th - Sign up for info.

    The July 12th Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality is less than a week away. And while momentum continues to build for our movement, Team Cable is fighting dirty.

    They’ve been spreading lies about our protest in the press, viciously defending their misleading studies, and creating fake astroturf campaigns – all while FCC Chairman (and former Verizon lawyer) Ajit Pai refuses to do anything for the dozens of people who have had fake comments submitted in their name, without their consent.

    Team Cable is scared of the power and influence we hold when we stand together. That’s why they’re doing everything they can to intimidate us, and muddy the waters. The other side is raising the stakes, but we’re not gonna roll over – not when we’re this close.

    That’s why we need you to help push this over the edge. Can you share the Internet-wide day of action with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter, or email them the URL

    And, ICYMI, there are a ton of other ways you can amplify our message:

    1. If you run a website, display a prominent alert for the day of action using this code. You just need to embed a bit of javascript in the header of your site, and on July 12 your site will invite users to contact the FCC and Congress.
    2. If you’re a video creator, use our 30 second bumper to explain why net neutrality matters. There are square, vertical, and horizontal versions for you to download here.
    3. Join the net neutrality “Twitter Brigade” and opt-in to tweet urgent messagesat key moments as we build up to July 12.
    4. Blog about the day of action. Whether you’re a business or a blogger, tell your followers why net neutrality matters to you, and then send us a link. Feel free to borrow this language.
    5. Email all of your contacts. Here’s something you can copy and paste.
    July 12 is coming up fast, so please, take the next step and do what you can to help make this huge. And, again, you don’t have to wait until July 12 to drive traffic to to make sure the FCC and Congress get the message. If you’re ready to start now, go for it!

    So far over 50,000 people and thousands of websites have come together on July 12th to demand strong, enforceable net neutrality rooted in the only legal foundation that can ensure we are protected: Title II of the Communications Act.

    If net neutrality is lost, your Internet provider will gain new controls over what we see and do online – a move that will stifle your ability to access content, grow your company, reach new audiences, and earn a living. And, to add insult to injury, your Internet bill is guaranteed to go up.

    I’ve worked on a lot digital rights campaigns over the past five years. And I have to tell you, I’ve never seen anything quite like this. The creativity, enthusiasm, and commitment that our small team has seen from people all over the world has been nothing short of inspiring.

    At the end of the day, the fight for Internet freedom, is, essentially, the fight for an open society that allows each of us to reach our fullest potential.

    We think that’s worth fighting for, and we’re glad that you do too.

    For the Internet,
    Josh, Evan, Holmes, Tiff, Laila, Joe, Sarah, and the team at Fight for the Future
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