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    Events at Community Market

    First- let me say- I do a majority of my shopping at Community Market in Sebastopol.

    But with spring/summer rapidly approaching- something that has been on my mind since last year... Their "stage" and lawn area is right next door to a long standing veterinary office. I'm not sure of the backstory- if the Vet refused to sell and instead was surrounded by the barlow expansion...or if an offer was never made.

    Regardless, it disturbs me to have everything from drum circles to amplified music events right next door to a veterinary clinic. Where animals are coming out of surgery high on anesthesia. Others high on painkillers awaiting surgery. Others just in a strange situation in a cage before or after receiving some sort of care.

    We talk about being good neighbors. I have to wonder if these events would be allowed if it was a medical center for children rather then animals? Or... ?

    I don't know...maybe I'm being overly sensitive. But this does not feel lie "community" to me and feels very insensitive to neighbors who were there long before they were.

    Full disclosure- my father was a veterinarian.
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