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    Jon Jackson

    Vernal Equinox Sunrise Walk

    Date & Time: Monday, March 20, 2017, 7AM
    Location:  Laguna de Santa Rosa Trail, Sebastopol, CA

    The website is:
    This is a FREE event.

    The foundational piece of these Sunrise Walks is the benefits of placing your feet on the earth through the seasons. In pre-Christian and Celtic Ireland, the first day of Spring would be February 1st. These days are called cross-quarter days, in the circle of the seasons.

    In the Western world, the first day of Spring is March 21st. These dates might have been chosen due to the maximum solar radiation or the warmest months of the year. We choose the March time because of the equal light for the day and the night. By walking with the change of the season we listen to a deeper way.

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