Jennifer Berezanís Song For All Beings


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There are still some tickets left for the Sunday 2/26 Song For All Beings show! (Saturday night is totally sold out, and Sunday afternoon will be soon... please don't delay!). for more info and tickets go to

Created, produced and directed by Jennifer Berezan, a true visionary for our times. 100 performers, 2000 friends.

Sunday, Feb 26, 2017 ó 1:30pm
Marin Veterans Memorial Auditorium
Marin Civic Center, San Rafael

Join Jennifer Berezan and 100 artists with 2000 of your closest community members! Bring all your friends to this unforgettable evening.

A communal celebration of gratitude and one-world activism, Song For All Beings is a seamless collaboration woven by scores of musicians, dancers, and storytellers. The high-level performances spring from many spiritual and cultural traditions, creating a ceremonial concert that unfolds on stage and in the audience over the course of the eveningóand long afterwards.

Song For All Beings, which premiered in 2013, began with a walking meditation in the hills of Northern California. As the words and melody of a new song came to singer/songwriter Jennifer Berezan, a bigger vision played out in her mind. She imagined a flowing tapestry of light, music, story, and dance. The song was merely the start.

Part celebration, part revolution, Song For All Beings invites, in fact, demands we open our hearts, and, in Jennifer Berezanís words ďhold the whole world in these arms.Ē

ďI found myself lost in tears of beauty and great waves of laughter. Next time, Iím bringing all my friends.Ē