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    Fresh Pet Food Mold Problems....TruthAboutPetFood post

    "Social media and even stock market investors are concerned that Freshpet Pet Food is having mold problems with their pet foods. There has been no recall of this pet food."

    "One of you wonderful pet food consumers sent me the link to a very recent post (4/29/15) on – an investment research website – regarding “mold contamination in some Freshpet SKUs”. Freshpet is a publicly traded pet food company, it is assumed was giving a heads up to investors." “observed a number of consumer complaints on social media detailing instances of mold in Freshpet products”. The writers wanted to verify the mold claims, they state they visited “10 stores in Kansas City and found 3 stores that were selling moldy Freshpet food. The moldy products we found were unexpired and unopened, with no discernible damage to the packaging.”
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    Re: Fresh Pet Food Mold Problems....TruthAboutPetFood post

    We had an issue with mold as well and one of our babies died after getting ill. 3 sick in total. We haven’t used FreshPet since and no more illness.

    FreshPet sent two $20.00 coupons for more food and paid the vet bills. Luckily, I did NOT sign the release form.
    The CEO said something to me about people making up stories to drive the stocks down.
    DFW CBS is doing an investigative report on it (Feb/March 2016) , would you please contact
    Christin Severance (Consumer Justice) [email protected]

    Here is a link to the youtube video I put up when I discovered the mold.
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