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    Chelsea Woolf's Avatar
    Chelsea Woolf

    Children's Mindfulness Program ISO venue

    Hello General Community,

    I'm looking for a rural property, local farm or community center in Sebastopol or the surrounding area to host a children's mindfulness program.

    The program is designed to help children cultivate self-awareness, build empathy, reduce stress, develop self-regulation skills, connect with nature, and cultivate systems thinking. It's based on the Mindful Schools curriculum that has been shared with over 30,000 children since 2007. The content is delivered through story-telling, games, handwork, kinetic activities, and other contemplative practices.

    I'd like to begin the week of July 15th -- meeting once per week for 1-1/12 hours. The program will run for twelve weeks initially and then potentially continue ongoing.

    My background in this field includes serving the GGFZC children's program, completion of Mindful Schools curriculum training, implementing a spring 2013 program at SunRidge Waldorf charter school, and a personal mindfulness practice of 10+ years. This summer I'm continuing my mindfulness in education training with Thich Nhat Hanh.

    The ideal spot would be a rural setting or local farm where the children can touch the earth but also come inside if the weather requires; however, I am open to any potential location. I can be reached by email at
    [email protected] and would be grateful for any leads.
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