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    Young family needs $$ help after accident!!

    Namaste Community Members,
    My name is Derek and my wife is Krista. We have a three year old son named Satura. Recently I was in a car accident which was my fault. I was coming home from work with a migraine and the sun in my eyes and I just didn't see the other guy coming. Now I have to pay for his rental car, $19,000! We have just started new jobs as we are new to the area and are having a terrible time getting financially stable with everything so expensive here.

    Before this had happened we were looking to purchase our new home and put away some money for our son's future and now those plans are shattered. I know this was my fault, but it was an accident. It feels horrible that me and my family will be paying this off for who knows how long instead of investing in a future.

    A friend of mine suggested asking for help from the community. I feel weird doing it but he says he pointed out some cases where he's seen it work before and told me that there are people out there who do have a lot of money and are willing to help people such as us. We would be so grateful and willing to pay back in the future when we find some financial freedom of our own.

    We would also love to connect with you and be friends if that was something you're interested in. That is why we moved here. To be in a concious community and to connect with it. Now it seems we work so much to pay this debt that we have no time to be involved in community events. I guess that's all. If you're reading this and feel you can help or know someone who can help we would be forever grateful. I get a little moist in the eye just thinking that there's someone out there who could reach out to us.

    love is light
    Derek, Krista, and Satura
    [email protected]
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    Re: Young Family Needs Help

    That's terrible. But why should you pay for all this. Surely you were a responsible enough citizen to have been insured. I'm assuming you were, as you didn't mention that your driver's license was suspended too. Maybe I shouldn't assume. Are you now driving on a suspended license? Not a good idea. They'll go really tough on you if you get caught.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Young family needs $$ help after accident!!

    Derek--What a mess! You sure do have my sympathy. I've been ripped off for about $2,000 over the past year, so am not donating money to anyone but the Humane Society, the Children's Cancer Fund and an anti-FGM group right now. However, there's some chance that i might be able to arrange something that would help you in a material way, and i can definitely offer friendship. What i don't understand is why your insurance isn't paying for this. True, your premium would go up for a few years, but it wouldn't cost you any $19,000.
    Don't let your insurance company BS you.
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    Re: Young family needs $$ help after accident!!

    LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR wants to know how we can be of help in ways other than cash. We do NOT give out cash, but assist in other ways or help you to access resources within the community. What are your needs. Sounds like you need a good natural doctor for starts to deal with your migranes for starts. Do you know of Dr. Camarrata? He uses primarily herbs. Hopefully you have been able to figure out some of the realm you are in the midst of in terms of navigating your vehicle insurance. I imagine that you had some. Give us a way to contact you and lets brainstorm on this. Where there is a will (or in this case will's) there is a way....Elaine
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    Re: Young family needs $$ help after accident!!

    Actually I think he is asking for money. I gather that from his comment that he was told that among us are people with lots of money who are willing to help.
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    Re: Young family needs $$ help after accident!!

    My reply is to the young family needing $19,000 to pay for a rental car. Derek, let's make some sense here. The person you hit could buy an entire new car for $19,000. Why would they need $19,000 to rent a car for two weeks while theirs is being fixed, and if this included fixing the car, it sounds like the insurance co is going to have to declare it a total loss. Second of all, you may not be insured, (if you are your insurance company will pick it up), but the motorist you hit probably is, since it is illegal to drive without insurance. So if this person is insured, HIS uninsured motorist coverage will pay for the rental car and everything else. YOU will then be pursued by the insurance company, which can take months and months (I was hit by an uninsured motorist) and you can pay it out according to your means. To SUM up, either you are not on the level or you are extremely naive. Check out what i have to say...and good luck!

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