Hi there

I'm writing in search of people to host actors and musicians who are coming from Poland and New York City to Sonoma County for two months this spring (May and June) to participate in the Koans and Performance Project, an international project that interweaves Zen Koan work, Polish theater, and American music that is rehearsing near Occidental before touring the West Coast (and of course we will have performances in Occidental too!). You can find more info about the project here: https://www.igg.me/at/koansandperformance

The group of people is totally amazing including young performers who have worked with Poland's Teatr ZAR and Meredith Monk. Living with one of these people might change your life. :)

We're looking for people to donate housing to these artists. We can't afford to rent houses to put them all up, and we're hoping to make this project happen!

We're looking for housing in or near the town of Occidental, where we will be rehearsing, or really anywhere in West County. The performers will be gone most of the time, and will supply their own food.

Summer theaters across the nation and across the world have survived for years on donated housing, thanks to the generosity of local communities who care about supporting the arts. We are affiliated with a non-profit and getting to live with one of these awesome people can be written off as a tax deduction. If you're interested in making a partial donation, we would also be interested in low-rent situations.

Please get in touch if this interests you! This project is going to be amazing and we need your help to do it!

Thanks so much,

Asa Horvitz