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    The Existence of Homelessness Epitomizes Our "Civilization" Perfectly.

    The Existence of Homelessness Epitomizes Our "Civilization" Perfectly.
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    For a human to have a home is a necessity, not a right, because a home should be (from among other things) a place where one regenerates one's mind and one's strength necessary for being able to be a useful member of one's community. If one does not have such a place to regenerate one's mind and strength, one will, eventually, lose the ability to function as a useful member of one's community. One would become, eventually, a burden to the community.

    A sane community would want all of its members to be fit, mentally and physically, in order to be useful members of the community, for which all have to have a place where they can recuperate, both--mentally and physically.

    An insane community would make it difficult for its members to have a place where they could regenerate their minds and strength, so that, eventually, they would be unable to contribute to the overall welfare of the community well, and they would start becoming a burden for the community.

    I conclude that we live in an insane society, and that if we continue to address our problems inadequately--just see what is being offered as solutions to the problem of "homelessness" (search term: "homelessness")--we shall contribute to the end of the world as we know it (soon, if we don't start doing something sane for change). To hope that the world to come after this one will be better than the one we have now is insane.

    The sane solutions to our problems would include the assurance that every member of our society has as perfect (read: truly sustainable) a home as possible, so that each member of our society could contribute to the welfare of our society optimally. If this would come to pass, and because this issue touches all other aspects of life, it would, literally, save the Earth; or it would, at the very least, become a foundation for making "saving the Earth" a possibility.

    The surface of the Earth is a resource that is limited. Humans and all other life-forms compete for a place/space to live on/in. Now and then a relative balance is achieved after a period of imbalance caused by what-so-ever causes. It is believable that the current imbalance we observe on Earth now has been caused by an impact of an extraterrestrial object some millions of years ago, whose impact caused an extinction of various species and gave a rise to (from among other species) mammals, among whom humans have become most prominent. It is reasonable to think that a balance will be achieved again sooner or later.

    Humans, being intelligent, should be able to affect the transition to a stable state so that the least disruptions occur; Unfortunately, so far, we have been adding to the imbalance caused by the supposed asteroid impact to such an extent that many authorities speak of new extinction caused by humans themselves (out of many sources: "The Sixth Extinction" by Richard Leakey and Roger Lewin, Doubleday, 1995; Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1996; The Sixth Extinction synopsis:

    This situation is not irredeemable, perhaps. Could we still make a smooth transition to the next relatively stable state of conditions in the Earth system, or have we already caused so much imbalance that all we can do is to just wait for the (certainly not benign) outcome?

    Perhaps (providing there still is enough time) we could start managing the space that is needed for human homes and other species' habitats in a rational, responsible, and a sustainable way in the interest of all?

    The overall quality of our lives starts and ends at home. As long as most of us don't have a home that would deserve to be called that, we don't stand a chance. Punishing people for merely trying to take care of the basic necessities of life means the end of this world indeed.

    Our, the very much overdue, transition to an enlightened, truly sustainable existence should start at home. No other way could be as organic and natural as there. Truly sustainable homes would start forming truly sustainable communities ... We have to start somewhere ...

    A good, truly sustainable home for everybody is a necessity, not a right.

    Thank you, Hearthstone - www.ModelEarth.Org .
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