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    Jenny's Avatar

    Volunteers URGENTLY Needed! Save Humanity and Prop 37!

    Prop 37 Label GMO Bill-- SOS to save our health and environment!, in our wired Sebastopol office, is donating time and space to organize volunteers to do online and phone banking work to help pass Prop 37.

    Initial polling numbers showed 92% of Americans in support of labeling GMO food, but in recent weeks, our grassroots effort has been derailed by the largest, most deceptive corporate media deception blitz in history. The world’s six largest pesticide companies (led by Monsanto), and largest junk-food companies, (led by Coca-Cola and Pepsi) in the world are spending a million dollars a day disseminating a barrage of lying TV ads to scare and confuse the public.

    The latest poll shows the public evenly split of supporting and opposing the bill. If this trend continues, we, the people, will lose the most important public contest to curtail GMO food and know what we are eating in history. And the gargantuan corporations that want to keep us in the dark about what it is we’re eating will win.
    We will never be able to outspend these mega-corporations; they have the money—but we have the people. We’re inviting you to join us and be the change you want to see, replacing some of those sinister ads with your own efforts.

    We are looking for volunteers to help us spread the word in this final lap via phone banking, online marketing, or both. If you would like to come in and work alongside other health and eco-activists, we will be scheduling shifts for the upcoming week. Our modern office is right near French Garden on Pleasant Hill Avenue N. If working from home better fits your needs, we will be happy to help you get started. All you will need is a phone and/or working internet connection to help.

    The Prop 37 Campaign has a phone tree system that volunteers will tie into on their scheduled calls, and we will provide a short training session to assist volunteers in the online social media marketing.

    Please let us know what aspect of this effort most interests you, as well as the time you are available at:
    [email protected]
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    anjaloba's Avatar

    Re: Volunteers URGENTLY Needed! Save Humanity and Prop 37!

    I can work from home. Loba Moon 217-7787 [email protected]
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    Peacetown Jonathan's Avatar
    Investigative Reporter

    Re: Volunteers URGENTLY Needed! Save Humanity and Prop 37!

    It will be down to the wire. The largest pesticide and junk food corporations on earth have hired the best politicial marketing strategists in the country to sow seeds of deception and fear. They have the money, but we have the people. If we stand up and join with one another, on behalf of our health, our morality, and our ecology.
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