Michael Allen is a friend and a wonderful representative for us in Sacramento. I worked with him in forming Solar Sonoma County and he also worked for my friend Pat Wiggins. I hope you will vote for him for State Assembly and also tell your friends and neighbors.

Sierra Club Condemns Organized Trade Association Attacks on Assemblymember Michael Allen’s Environmental Record

Levine’s Campaign Supported by Out-of-District Agri-Businesses That Have Fought Environmental Protections

SACRAMENTO, Calif (Oct. 17, 2012) – Sierra Club California, the legislative watchdog of the Sierra Club’s California members, denounced today the malicious campaign against Assemblymember Michael Allen (D, Santa Rosa) being funded by Western Growers Association, a special interest group that represents large agri-businesses in Arizona and California.

The attacks launched against Michael Allen last week are the latest move by Western Growers in their statewide campaign targeting incumbents who have been leading voices in the State Legislature advocating for environmental protection and conservation. State leaders, like Michael Allen, who have fought against corporate polluters, now find themselves subjected to hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of negative campaign ads attacking their credibility and distorting their records of accomplishment.

“Michael Allen has a proven track record as a thoughtful, experienced legislator who well represents the interests of his constituents and their desire to protect the quality of air, water and other natural resources,” said Kathryn Phillips, Director of Sierra Club California. “Western Growers should be ashamed for funding such a nasty, deceitful campaign against one of our most reasonable and trusted state leaders.”

Today’s denunciation comes on the same day environmental leaders from within the northern Bay Area district picketed Michael Allen’s opponent, first-term San Rafael Councilmember Marc Levine, for tacitly supporting the attack ads being funded by his campaign supporters. The support Levine’s campaign has received from out-of-district agri-businesses has outraged leaders in Marin and Sonoma Counties, where voters have overwhelmingly supported environmental conservation and protection efforts.

“Political campaigns expose a lot about the candidates behind them, especially about the interests they will look to when they serve in Sacramento,” said Phillips. “California needs more leaders like Michael Allen who is a proven advocate for the health of his constituents and the environment. He has shown he is willing to stand up to special interests rather than cash their checks. Voters can count on him to protect the environment and public health in Sonoma and Marin Counties when they send him to Sacramento.”