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    Preserve our town...

    For the past two years, Sebastopol has been in a battle over the relocation of a CVS pharmacy. All across America, this corporation targets abandoned buildings on prime locations to infiltrate and dominate downtown cores; in our case, a defunct car dealership. Our City Council was cornered into approving the move or face a lawsuit the city could not afford. Similar fights against CVS are being waged in Byram, NJ, where a 200 year old landmark will be razed - in Dundee, Nebraska, where CVS is attempting to demolish 75% of an historic neighborhood – in Carrboro, NC, where they’re marching in the streets.

    With November elections looming, a group called Sustainable Sebastopol has formed a PAC to help developer-friendly candidates get re-elected. Corporate America is on the brink of buying an election from a community of about 8,000 citizens.

    The Supreme Courts decision to grant corporations “free-speech” has effectively removed it from the individual. In Sebastopol, it could essentially grant developers a seat on our city council. It could see our locally run downtown core plowed under by chain stores. How about an Applebee’s replacing the tractor business across from Screaming Mimi’s?

    We’ve crossed the Rubicon, folks; I’m afraid, “by the people, for the people” could be a thing of the past.

    Please – Vote for Sebastopol - Vote for John Eder and Robert Jacob for City Council.
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    Karen the KAT

    Re: Preserve our town...

    I've got a surprise for you:

    There's this thing called the "Golden rule", it goes like this:

    "She or he who has the gold, makes the rules"...

    This has always been true and always will be. ANYTHING and ANYBODY can be bought...

    It's human nature, get over it.

    Was it any better that a car dealership was there?

    Get it declared a historic landmark and make them use the original building. Oops, too late..

    Come on people, that is one of the most prime spots in town, you didn't really think it was just going to sit there empty until Chevy came back, somebody opened up a giant Yoga studio, or the Cannabis club moved there did you?

    I agree it's sad, but the time to do something about this was as soon as the Chevy dealership closed, not three years later.

    Hmmmmm, didn't I say just this three years ago during a Clown Council meeting? Yep, and nobody listened, as usual... That's why I stopped going to Clown Council meetings, all the clowns...

    OK, here's the good part. Do you have any idea how polluted with various solvents and toxins the land is there? Well if you make a big stink about it, they will at least have to clean it all up...

    Secondly, maybe the horrendous looking Rite Aid will close and the Cannabis club will move there.

    Actually Sebastopol needs a drive-thru Cannabis club....
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