I saw this doctor speaks years ago and bought her book. She is an amazing pioneer in the field. Letting you know as a general FYI - in case you or someone you know is either on psychiatric drugs or needs something - her ways are compassionate and holistic. Gena

Hyla Cass describes how most psychiatrists simply label patients mentally ill based solely on symptoms and put them on dangerous and addictive drugs, instead of doing complete physical examinations to find and treat underlying medical conditions which can manifest as psychiatric symptoms. There are numerous non-harmful medical solutions that patients are not being offered in the field of psychiatry, and instead being put on drugs with serious and deadly side effects that are highly addictive. Dr. Cass also discusses the severe withdrawal effects of psychiatric drugs and what patients need to know about safely getting off of these drugs under a doctor’s supervision. For more information and resources on alternative treatments for people with mental problems or finding practitioners to assist with getting off of psychiatric drugs go to our Alternatives page [go to her website].