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    Writing in Nature for Wisdom, Creative Exploration and Connection - One Day Workshop

    "The earth has music for those who listen." - George Santayana

    “Our task must be to free ourselves... by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and it's beauty.” - Albert Einstein

    Connecting to the Gifts of Nature and Creativity a One-Day Workshop
    for Wisdom, Creative Exploration & Connecting to Nature
    with Suzanne Murray

    Nature and creativity are doorways to the sacred. They can help us connect to the deeper parts of ourselves, the knowing of our hearts and souls. They can assist us in being more present in the moment and give us access to expanded capacities of intuition, inspiration and imagination. Connecting to the natural world, which is inherently creative, opens us to our own creative gifts, which allows us to bring forth new possibilities and solutions for our own lives and our troubled world.

    Science has now confirmed what most of us sense intuitively that spending time in nature is good for our health, enhances our creative capacities and increases our general sense of wellbeing. I have spent time close to Nature my entire life and have directly experienced the sense of being supported by the Earth and the Other Than Human Beings (rock, trees, animals). It is a great source of solace, joy and wonder for me that I really want to share and help others in connecting to the beautiful heart of the world as well as their creative abilities.

    Join me as a writing teacher, life and creativity coach and professional naturalist to engage Nature as a source of creative inspiration, wisdom and support. Take home simple, powerful techniques for accessing your inner wisdom and guidance and connecting to the Earth. Gain insights into the magically workings of the natural world. We will work with writing and other practices to connect more deeply to the natural world and our inner wisdom. No writing experience is needed

    Saturday, April 22, 10 am to 4 pm
    $85 paid by 4/14, $95 after
    register early limited to 12
    Point Reyes National Seashore, Bear Valley area near Olema, California

    Small supportive group. Easy walking on flat trail. (3 miles round trip done at a slow pace stopping along the way)

    What her students say:

    Suzanne is more than an excellent teacher. She is an inspiration. - Jill Cagan

    Suzanne’s class was outrageously inspirational. She offers a nearly endless variety of tools and creates an atmosphere that is both challenging and unconditionally supportive. She showed me how to side step blocks and let the creativity flow. - Ed Richards

    About Suzanne Murray. A gifted writing teacher and life & creativity coach, now if her fourth decade offering classes and workshop. She brings to this work a passion for Nature and the power of writing to connect us with our own heart and the heart of the world. An award winning essayist and poet, Suzanne's work appears in various literary journals including Orion and The Sun. She is the author of a book of poem "Love Poems to Nature". She also has a background as a biologist and professional naturalist.

    for more information or to register call Suzanne at 707.360.7776 or email [email protected] or web page including link to register
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