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    Tibetan yak conservancy needs new home


    The Tibetan Yak Conservancy is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the purebred Tibetan yak in America through identifying, building, and managing core purebred breeding herds.

    What We Need
    Currently our most important goal is the lease or donation of a larger facility for our expanding
    herd, ideally near the San Francisco Bay Area. Volunteers are also needed to help with all aspects of yak care, exhibitions, and outreach. Apprenticeships in yak taming, training and care may be available. Donations of feed and equipment are always welcome.

    Who We Are
    Conservancy founder Coralee Whitsett has traveled throughout America for over a decade, acquiring authentic Tibetan yaks in order to create a core breeding herd to help preserve this rare species into the future.
    Since yaks can no longer be imported from Asia, the American yak gene pool is now sealed among a relatively small number of purebred yaks. It has become essential to identify high-trait or purebred yaks through genetic testing and carefully manage herds to avoid a serious decline in the breed and, ultimately, the loss of the pure Tibetan yak in America.

    What We Do
    For the past ten years, the Yak Conservancy has managed a small breeding herd of black-and-white
    Tibetan "Royals", who are trained to fulfil all the traditional Tibetan yak functions, including
    milking. This is arguably the largest tame herd in America, and the yaks often travel to appear in
    educational presentations at various Tibetan cultural events, wearing authentic Tibetan yak saddles
    and ornaments.

    If you have a facility or know of a facility that might be interested in sponsoring the the Conservancy's yaks, please contact:

    Coralee Whitsett
    Phone: (707) 813-1085
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: (paste into your main browser)
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