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    Article: Veronica Jacobi Wants Your Vote for 5th District Supervisor

    Dear Voters in the Fifth District and other Sonoma County Neighbors,

    Veronica Jacobi
    I would love to serve you as the 5th District Supervisor.

    Please vote for me or take a look at this message.

    I will have a series of live conference calls to discuss our visions for our neighborhoods and Sonoma County. Go to and/or "Friends of Veronica Jacobi" on Facebook on or after June 3rd for more details on conference calls and upcoming events AND PARTIES!

    Tuesday June 5th "What's Next?" PARTY at 412 Hickory Circle in Roseland 9 PM - 10:30 PM or later and also on Sat. June 9th near the Parade in Guerneville either at the BBQ or after that, details to be determined.

    Newly available: Please watch this message

    There are ways to make our County much better. My Jobs & Climate Security Plan will help get us where we want to go. The plan is at section D of this email. Above it at section A are some ways you can save money and also improve our future.

    I will take prompt action on key issues including:
    • deteriorating roadways and timely maintenance
    • pension reform - I helped put in a two-tier system for new employees in Santa Rosa and created a plan for additional solutions
    • open and competitive contract bidding - I fought for and won better rates for Santa Rosa residents and I will do that for you too
    • protecting the Russian River, water supplies and forests - fighting: low flow, in-stream gravel mining, forest to vineyard conversions including Artesa and Preservation Ranch, and more
    • protecting our parks, coast and Open Space - I introduced and championed the succesful Open Space measure reauthorization, I championed Roseland's NeighborWoods (a dream come true!)
    • encouraging the clean up of toxics in Roseland and annexation, as I did as a Councilwoman
    • accessibility - I will listen, respond to emails and phone calls, and hold office hours, as I did as a Councilwoman
    Section B has a link to an interview and testimonials. Section C has some of my experience and more.

    I ask for your vote on or before June 5th, and to send this on to 5th District voters. I also ask for your support. Please contact our campaign at [email protected] if you are willing to help in any way, or if you have questions.

    WE CAN create a secure economy and future. Solutions are all around us. WE ARE the ones we are waiting for!

    Thank you.
    All my best,
    Veronica "Roni" Jacobi

    Candidate for 5th District Supervisor
    Small Footprint/Big Impact
    Facebook "Friends of Veronica Jacobi"

    Section A

    I want to help empower you, your family, and our community to save money while improving our community. If each of us takes one small action today, it can add up to a big difference.

    What can you do today, to save money and create a better future?
    · Turn off lights and other devices when you leave the room
    · Run a full load of dishes or laundry
    · Set your computer to go to sleep when it’s been idle for a while
    · Put on a sweater instead of turning up the heat when it’s cold
    · Wear cooler clothes when it’s hot
    · Switch to energy efficient light bulbs and appliances
    · Try less meat and more local, organic food, or grow your own
    · Consumption: rethink, reduce, reuse, recycle, rot (compost)
    · Walk, bike, combine trips, carpool, ride the bus
    · Telecommute 1 day a week
    · Drive a car with good mileage, or go electric
    · Drive slower and check tire pressure to improve mileage
    · When you’re waiting for someone turn off the engine
    · Advocate for and use renewable energy

    Pick one and do it now! It only takes a few minutes and you’ll be glad you did!

    Section B

    A huge THANK YOU to Elaine Holtz of Women's Spaces for this interview.

    "I’ve worked with Veronica since 1998, know her, trust her, value her intellect, leadership skills, and persistence. She is a compassionate woman who cares deeply about the human condition and our Earth. She’s an engineer with sophisticated experiences." - Marsha Vas Dupre, PhD; Santa Rosa Councilwoman, Sea Ranch part-time resident

    “I support Veronica “Roni” Jacobi for 5th District County Supervisor. As a Santa Rosa CityCouncilmember, Roni gave the most consistent support for environmental programs to improve public transportation options, including safe bicycling routes, to support water and energy conservation, enhance recycling, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. ALL of these programs were and are job creators! Other candidates talk about the environment and jobs, but Roni doesn't just talk the talk, she lives the talk.” - Jane E. Nielson, Sebastopol

    "Veronica inspired us to create the Sonoma County Water Coalition in 2004. She has always taken the lead on the ‘big issues’ before they become the political issues of the day, and she keeps working on these issues behind the scenes. She also pays close attention to the way political decisions affect real people and works tirelessly to help those who feel disenfranchised." - Stephen Fuller-Rowell, Atascadero/Green Valley Watershed Council*
    *for identification purposes only
    Again, WE CAN create a secure economy and future. Solutions are all around us.

    I’m pledging half of my Supervisor salary to local non-profits to jump-start Safe, Healthy, and Sustainable Communities. I’m proudly endorsed by Sonoma County Conservation Action. I would love to have your support too!

    Section C

    The Experience & Commitment We Trust

    • Award Winning Environmentalist/Community Advocate
    • Santa Rosa City Council Member ’06 - 2010
    • Mechanical Engineer, UCLA, PE – Worked for EPA, PG&E
    • Runs small Energy Conservation Consulting firm
    • Sonoma County Water Coalition, Co-Founder/Former Chair
    • Sonoma County Special Olympics Soccer, Co-Founder, organizer and coach
    • Sonoma County Human Services Commission ’07 - 2010
    • Sonoma County Conservation Council (SCCC), Former Vice-Chair and Treasurer
    • Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition
    • Former Executive Board Member - Sierra Club, SCCC, National Women’s Political Caucus
    • Santa Rosa Waterways Committee ’06 - 2010
    • Mayor’s Gang Prevention Task Force ’06 -2009
    • Task Force for the Homeless; League of Women Voters
    • Parented 2 Daughters & 6 Foster Children
    • Provided end of life care in her home for her Grandfather with Alzheimer’s for many years
    and for her Father for over four years during her service on the City Council
    • Car-free for all of 2011, now car-sharing

    Section D

    Veronica Jacobi's Plan for Local Jobs & Climate Security

    GROW LOCAL GREEN JOBS. The global market for green services and technology is growing rapidly. From clean energy solutions like solar, wind, and geothermal to innovative architectural and engineering services, safe cleansers, and recycled building products this is where the growth is. With the right planning and leadership, we could be a center for Green-Tech, just as the Peninsula has become a center for Bio-Tech in the past decade. New technology means new skills and new good paying jobs for today and tomorrow!

    Lead the shift to green energy. Sonoma County is already a national leader in solar! Let’s jump start Sonoma Clean Power by purchasing energy for county, commercial, and residential uses from clean, renewable resources like geothermal, solar, and wind. We can learn from Marin’s Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) to enable local control of our energy sources. We can allow private energy development on public property in exchange for long-term purchase agreements. Local governments could leverage the program to create new green jobs.

    Lower our carbon footprint. In 2009, 62 percent of Sonoma County’s greenhouse gas emissions came from transportation. We can replace government vehicles with hybrids and bio-fueled models. But, the biggest impact will be from the programs that help people work from home, walk and bicycle safely, participate in car share programs, carpool easily, and take pleasant and affordable buses and trains. There are models for these systems that we can replicate, starting with Marin County’s Go Geronimo. We should also plant carbon-reducing plantings on public lands, encourage community gardens, and impose traffic impact fees on new developments.

    Conserve and re-use water. We need to incentivize rainwater harvesting, gray water, and purple plumbing solutions for new construction and remodeling. We must reduce the regulatory red tape surrounding these emerging technologies for those who want to use them responsibly. In the long run, we won’t just save water – we will also save money.

    Move toward Zero Waste. San Francisco already has a zero waste goal for the year 2020. We can too! If we take the advice of the Sonoma Waste Advisory Group, we can eliminate landfills, save money, and create new jobs.

    Local food production. Let’s encourage the creation of community gardens, pastures, worker-owned cooperatives, and other innovations that promote local food production and consumption. Let’s reverse the trend of picking fruits and vegetables before they’re ripe, shipping them half way around the world, and then spraying them with chemicals to make them look ripe.

    Local banks. Unaccountable multi-national banks are a big part of our recent financial crisis and economic problems. I will work with state senators, assembly members, and other counties to pass laws that enable municipal and county banks. The State Bank of North Dakota is the only state run bank in the US. It has helped that state to weather the current recession.

    Reduce crime & gangs. I will work with experts on crime prevention and gangs to assist our youth and prevent repeat offenders. We should eliminate failed programs and expand successful programs that are already in place and that create jobs.

    Finding practical solutions to our problems is challenging, but it can also be a fun adventure!

    Please share your successes, suggestions and questions with me at [email protected] or on Facebook.

    Vote for Veronica by mail or on June 5th!

    Websites with more information on solutions: *En Espanol***
    Thank you very much for all of your positive efforts, and for your time.
    Last edited by Barry; 06-14-2012 at 10:25 AM.
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