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Thread: Cvs
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    From the Press Democrat Today

    Sebastopol’s charm

    EDITOR: I am amazed at the degree of misunderstanding that prevails regarding the CVS/Sebastopol situation. Everyone loves it here, yet too many still seem to believe that we can have an “anything goes” attitude toward the quality of our urban/physical environment that allows a reckless pursuit of immediate “economic benefits” (profit), while concurrently avoiding dire consequences.

    The Design Review Board, certainly in the past three-plus years, with the exception of CVS, has approved every project put before it, with Barlow and several others currently under construction. There is plenty of growth and support for the business community.

    CVS, and any similar substandard project, needs to be disallowed until they either redesign to acceptable standards or allow an alternate developer to do so. Once done, this revised project will break ground and yield the benefit we seek.

    Sebastopol’s unique charm is a blessing; it is neither guaranteed nor invulnerable. It is incumbent upon all of us to work more harmoniously toward minimum reasonable standards of quality that assure a meaningful protection from the forces of mediocrity. If we can’t do that, we will definitely see consequences that will show us, by irreversible omission, how fortunate we once were.

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    Review Board
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