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    Go Ernie Carpenter! Stop predatory lending scams!Family needs justice served!

    Our family farm,home and business was sold as a proven "bogus foreclosure sale" and was ignored and mis-handled by our Sonoma County Court system.Too many "back door deals" are being made between lawyers,predatory lenders,like Martin Gavriloff.He sold our property illegally located at: 1414 Freestone Flat rd., Freestone, Sonoma Co. This was beore the foreclosure mess of today in 2001.We are still fighting for justice to be served while Martin Gavriloff continues lending out his money only to steal real estate from hard working families . He was also the state treasuer for the N.R.A.He knows how to jump through all the scam hoops with legal assistance. He has most likely passed his information down to his son Steven, who has stepped into his fathers' shoes as a real estate agent/lender as well. During a settlement hearing with Martin Gavriloff, held by the Sonoma Co. Courts,the mediators yelled at me while pounding their fists on the conference table and threatened me and my family .This settlement hearing was so mis-handled like all the other justice I tried to recieve.Gavriloff sat near me at one point ,waving his check book at me,and they let him do it ! Since when is robbery legal? In Sonoma County it is allowed, if you know the right people. We need justice to be served-we need Sonoma County returned to families ,not be controlled by such a poorly run legal system and big business. If you lawyers are willing to step up to the plate and help my family and I seek justice long past due .please contact me a.s.a.p. And Ernie ,don't give up we all need you!
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