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    McDonald's Styrofoam Coffee Cups

    Are the McDonald's in Marin County more ecologically advanced than those in Sonoma County?
    Seems that way since in Marin they provide paper cups and not styrofoam as found in throughout Sonoma County.
    Do they need to be occupied for this to change? Perhaps a referendum on the ballot?
    If they can do it in Marin we should be able to do it here in Sonoma.

    The McDonald's at Yolanda and Santa Rosa Ave. charges 55 cents for a senior coffee, yet others in the area charge as much as 20 cents more for the same cup!
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    Re: McDonald's Styrofoam Coffee Cups

    Wow! It seams you are a McDonalds frequent flyer to be noticing such dependencies! I support your feelings about paper vs Styrofoam. Since McDonalds is a franchise I can only imagine the owner of the Marin County McDonlands is probably more eco conscious himself or knows better than to give Marin County residents coffee in a Styrofoam cup or possibly Styrofoam ban in restaurants already in place in the county. Whatever the reason is they need to get with it and have some consistency throughout their Company franchise or not.
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