Pankere wonjon wonjon awo inu igbo
difa fun Oosanla Oseeremagbo
ti yo faladun fun Ireke
ebo ni won ni ko se
o gb'ebo o rubo
bi a ba ni re gbogbo lowo
sebi aladun ara eni ni o
Oosanla Oseeremagbo lo faladun fun Ireke
Ifa je n radun ara mi je o

The slender cane plants, Awo of the forest
They were the Awo who cast IFA for Oosanla Oseeremagbo (Obatala)
who shall give sweetener to Ireke (sugarcane)
he was advised to offer ebo (sacrifice)
he complied
if we have all good things in life in our possession
definitely it is our lives sweetener
Oosanla Oseeremagbo is he who had given sweetener to Ireke, the sugarcane
IFA please let me enjoy the sweetness in my life.
Aseee ooooo

IFA let us all enjoy the sweetness of our lives. Ase ase ase ooooo

Ire O,
Awo Fagbemijo Amosun Fakayode
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