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    Getting my hat ready to throw in. Draft here

    Subject: Dear California, please help me save America

    Hey ya'll,

    How are you?

    What do you think? Want to help with my 2012 US Senate Run? I need a Treasurer; any suggestions?

    Best wishes,



    Hello friends,

    Are you well?

    Our local and Federal government are not; though I know this can be fixed.

    I truly hate what politics has come to be. Perhaps the best way to solve this problem is, use the beast to cleanse the beast.

    I'm not OK with our foreign policies being in defiance of our US Constitution; it increases our risks in every way possible.

    I sense my experience and drive to build an inheritable future for all, has given me many of the life skills needed to leave this world better when I go, than when I arrived.

    As it is, business as usual is causing our country's problems to grow far worse; I feel compelled to again raise the bar on what it takes to get elected.

    I think folks may appreciate having the chance to vote for someone who is not a politician. I'll never be one; although I will work as an elected representative. I need the health care; everyone does, at least wellness care, not unaffordable health insurance plans; which, besides ER care, do little more than symptom management.

    What's the best seat, where I can create maximum results?

    Sebastopl City Council?

    Sonoma County Board of Supervisors? I'm willing to move; which District?

    Congress? Which District?

    (The incumbent is 78; and still funding failed, dangerous policies. After I took nearly 200,000 votes, with just under 5 grand, and 3 months of part time work, without much grassroots support; I think I could make an impact with having over a year to work in an open primary.)

    Let's recruit Dennis Kucinich for President; who for VP? Jesse Ventura, Ron Paul, Cynthia McKinney, someone else?

    I'm willing to work for those who will stand up for the optimal platform as well.

    What's new for this 2012 campaign, is the very serious concern regarding GeoEngeneering, otherwise referred to as "weather modification". Please see for more information on weather modification.

    I've moved from just using my campaigns as a way for myself and the voters to speak truth to power; to insisting those in power speak the truth; on this issue, and many more social and environmental abuses our government is responsible for.

    I have survived serious challenges in my personal life. In my healing; I have grown stronger. I'm willing to run to win; has examples from past platforms which will be updated soon.

    I want every American, everywhere to join me co-creating this template platform for local and Federal government; whether you want to run, support someone who does, or just want to share the standards for the priorities and policies it takes to get your vote.

    I need help forging a Candidates for Peace Political Action Committee; so the web can be used to make it easy for voters, and Peace Candidates to help each other win.

    I need help launching Songs for a Cease Fire; so we can sing our way to end local violence, and unconstitutional war abroad, for the UN Day of Peace each September 21st.

    I need you too.

    Please let me know what you think, and how you can help.

    I love you; love my country; love my planet. I pledge to use what time I have; to enable safer, healthier communities, here and abroad.

    In peace,

    Colleen Fernald

    Songs for a Cease Fire
    Sing for a Cease Fire

    Coming soon:
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    Re: Getting my hat ready to throw in. Draft here

    I'd be all for you staying in District 5, and doing your best to take out Efren "Pockets Lined by Big Business" Carillo. We need a Supervisor who will listen to the citizens, not the corporations. One who won't be swayed by "influence", in whatever form it takes, but will listen to the constituents.
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