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    Toxic Reverend

    Coast To Coast AM Radio on the Military Industrial Complex

    Please feel free to pass this with the forwarded Coast To Coast newsletter around
    It is pasted in from my e-mail account, after this short note and the video of
    President Eisenhower's Farewell Address about the Military Industrial Complex
    Please understand that I have macular degeneration and I am not monitoring comments - TK

    The Coast To Coast Show in the fwd is now posted at:
    One of the main topics was the "Military Industrial Complex"
    The show is broadcast to over 500 cities in the USA with 15,000,000+ Listeners

    My thoughts on this:

    We could fix the Military Industrial Complex like my Momma did her cat's
    with a game of
    American Roulette *Revolvers are for Russian's" a
    Mandatory Criminal Charges of Negligent Homicide
    with the "Reckless Operation of a Corporation"

    If you are unaware of what I am ranting about::

    Eisenhower Farewell Address -- Military Industrial Complex
    Short Youtube video of

    Blessings are given after the forwarded newsletter - The Toxic Reverend

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: [email protected]
    Date: Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 3:23 AM
    Subject: CoastZone - Military Contractors/Belief Systems
    To: toxic reverend

    Weekend Edition March 21, 2011 Coast Insider Audio

    Military Contractors:

    In the first half of Sunday's show, George Knapp welcomed William Hartung of the New America Foundation, for a discussion on how defense contractor Lockheed Martin has wielded inordinate power and shaped US foreign policy for decades. While Lockheed has given the US military great technology like the stealth planes, at some point it took a wrong turn and became a "money pit," --more concerned with "lobbying for government contracts than really producing weapons to the characteristics that the government needed," he explained.

    For example, when Lockheed was lobbying Congress for the F-22 Raptor (the most costly fighter plane ever built), they advertised that certain states would lose thousands of jobs if the deal didn't go through. Congress ends up "defending more of a parochial pork barrel interest than a national defense interest," Hartung commented. Defense spending, he noted, is actually one of the least effective ways to create jobs, with fields such as education and mass transit adding about two times as many jobs per billion spent compared to defense.

    Belief Systems:

    In the latter half, author Rahasya Poe talked about the consequences of maintaining beliefs that are out of touch with reality, and today's scientific knowledge. Citing a quote by Voltaire: "If they can make you believe absurdities they can make you commit atrocities," he argued that many current religious and political premises limit people's thoughts, and make them susceptible to behaviors they wouldn't normally engage in. Religious fundamentalist extremists are "drunk with beliefs," and actually suffer from a kind of brain damage, with synaptic connections atrophying, he suggested.

    Instead of following belief systems, Poe advocated using meditation to discover experiential truths. "You don't really do meditation. Meditation is something that happens when all of the doing stops. And then you drop into this no mind...[and experience] a consciousness that is totally transcendent of the level we're normally at," he mused.

    New Testament Forgeries:

    On Saturday's show, with Ian Punnett, author and religious studies professor Bart Ehrman argued that many books of the New Testament are forgeries written by people other than the ones to whom they are explicitly attributed. This notion is widely accepted within the field of biblical scholarship, he said. As an example, Ehrman pointed to the book of 2 Peter, about which scholars agree was not authored by the apostle Peter. Literary forgery was widely practiced in ancient times but not socially approved, he explained, noting that many forgers claimed to be famous authors in order to be paid for their work... cont.

    Today in Strangeness:

    This was the date (in 1844) that things were supposed to wind down with Christ's official 2nd coming, according to 7th Day Adventist William Miller, who then changed the date after the savior was a no-show. Readers quickly spotted the only known typo (control spelled as contol) on a TIME Magazine cover, this day in 1983.

    Tonight's Show, Monday, March 21st:

    Author and researcher Jason Martell will discuss why many ancient cultures tracked cyclical patterns based on reoccurring astronomical cycles, and how learning these patterns may tell us more about what's in store for our future.

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    -- End Of Forwarded Message -----

    Toxic Effects - Shows - Coast to Coast AM

    Radiation Fall Out Maps - Panic Dispelling Radiation Guide of Knowledge


    Tom Krohmer
    Environmental Technologist Nephew of Jack Krohmer, deceased expert
    regarding the effects of radiation on humans.
    [FONT=tahoma, 'Trebuchet MS', lucida, helvetica, sans-serif]No known relationship to Jon Krohmer MD
    Chief Medical Officer of Homeland Security

    The Toxic Reverend
    - Revelations
    Less than 6% of 1,400 chemicals that threaten human health are tracked
    A 5-2-2000 Congressional Report is linked into blog of 1-23-10
    "As an Environmental Technologist I can not imagine a health care
    system that could be viable when it ignores toxic chemical exposures
    " - TK
    Doctors Without Morals,
    Medical professionals, national security and domestic torture
    by Leonard Rubenstein & Stephen Xenakis
    March 1, 2010 by The New York Times

    Tom Krohmer
    Twitter Toxic Reverend
    The Toxic Reverend - Myspace
    Tom Krohmer - Toxic Reverend - Facebook
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