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    Help! - New Cat Rescue Facility Needed

    Hi folks,

    Since I lost my orange tabby cat 2 years ago, I have rescued over 60 other orange tabby cats. I found these cats living under decks and houses or hidden in the blackberry bushes of our county. A lot of them were sick, hungry, injured, and consumed by parasites ... fleas, worms, ear mites, etc. ... some were lost, many were simply abandoned. I would bring them home, try to nurse them back to health ( with help ), and then search for a new home. These were the lucky ones.

    On this path, I've been fortunate enough to meet other kind people who share my concerns. These people are actively saving cats ... they freely give of their time, their expertise and their money. They can be found out in the cold, late at night, trying to trap an injured animal,... or working with residents to try and trap-spay-and release the stray and feral populations. Like me, they are not wealthy, but committed ... committed to ending over-population, animal cruelty, and animal suffering. I'm truly honored to be in such company.

    It's wonderful to save an animal ... that's why we do it ... you see their relief at finding food, warmth and love and it's addicting ... but then reality sets in ... where do we put this beautiful creature? All of the shelters and rescue facilities are completely overwhelmed.

    Most cat rescuers that I know have a lot of cats. They've built shelters in their backyards and converted rooms in their houses to keep these cats safe and warm. They spend A LOT of money on vet services ....

    It's time for a new cat rescue facility .... and I, and three of my cat rescue friends, have decided to do something about it. But, of course, we need help. We need a property with power and water, and we need money, building materials, and people. We need people to build enclosures and eventually people to take care of cats. If you can provide any of these things then please contact me. We are in the process of obtaining non-profit status so your donation will be tax-deductible.

    In the meantime, please do continue to feed, neuter and shelter the strays. You can buy a large bag of kibble at Whole Foods for $2.50.

    On behalf of the suffering animals of Sonoma County, ... thank you!

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    Re: Help! - New Cat Rescue Facility Needed

    A big thank you to those folks who responded to this post. I'd like to ask the members of the community to spread the word verbally as well. A lot of older folks in our community are not connected via computer and they are people who could really help with a donation of land or unused property.

    A lot of these issues are being discussed on Sonoma County Stray Pet Network, a Yahoo group that I started a long time ago. If you're an animal lover then please join us. We value your ideas and invite your participation.

    Thank You!

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