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    Conscious Language-The Logos of Now/Free Intro+Mastery & Mastery of Facilitation Workshops

    FREE Intro…
    Conscious Language™ The Logos of Now

    with Robert Tennyson Stevens, Founder and Author
    Wednesday, September 22nd, 7-10pm

    MASTERY 201 and MASTERY OF FACILITATION 301 – Full Immersion

    September 24th, 25th and 26th

    Conscious Language™ empowers us to think, speak, and feel our every word as our hearts desire coming into manifestation, now and now, and now. Mastery and Mastery of Facilitation are presented as a nested pair, Mastery is the software package for your Conscious Human Operating System. Become your own tech support - M.O.F. offers you the tools to personally apply Roberts' coaching technique - elicit your own healing response, guide yourself upscale as you transmute layers of old coding into new patterns of success.

    "Bob's teachings will assist you in recognizing old belief systems which no longer serve you. You will listen to your inner guidance, and your internal dialogue. Whatever outcome you choose to create will manifest. How exciting, that as co-creators we touch other's lives on our journey homeward. Thank you, Bob." P.J.G. -Healing Arts

    “In order to be successful, our language must be successful. Our language is successful when our words, thoughts, and intentions behind our thoughts are aligned. Conscious Language, and Mastery of Language gives us valuable tools and techniques for becoming consciously aware and aligned with our innermost intentions and desires, and helps us upgrade and express ourselves more powerfully and successfully into our world.” L.S. -Health Coach

    “The Universe rearranges itself to accommodate our picture of reality. We communicate the pictures we carry through the words we express. When I speak consciously I get conscious results.” B.C.- Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Workshop Leader

    "Conscious Language is ever simple and yet ever powerful. Each word when using conscious language is felt by the emotional body. With conscious language all possibilities in your life are an open door. Your whole life is a new and exciting adventure. The miracles happen and then they HAPPEN! You open up awareness within that will never be closed and will lead you on your life's journey. Love and compassion enfold you daily. You are bathed in the blessings of Light and Love and all see your brilliance. You see who you really ARE. Others treat you the way you choose to be treated. Your whole life takes a quantum leap into the realms where only the courageous enter. The brilliance of your masterful life is beyond description. You enjoy life as you did when you were a child. At times you love for life is soooo full you think you are going to take off! This is the word and the way and it is GOOD!" M.H. -Government, Massage Therapist

    Robert Tennyson Stevens
    is a pioneer in the influence of language, imagination, facilitation and body language on activating and enjoying our dreams-now. In providing personal, team and corporate facilitation and coaching for more than 30 years, Robert has developed systems for attaining heartfelt outcomes quickly. Author of "Sacred Body Language Translations" and "Conscious Language™ The Logos Of Now," Robert is also a master herbalist and iridologist.

    A Letter From Bob -The expansion of our new Conscious Human Operating System is vast and very exciting. My focus over the last 3 decades has brought me wondrous experiences. Some were easier than others. I believe the material I share is destined for all humanity in some form or fashion. I trust Providence will continue to guide us into our full Ascension in the Great Glories ahead of us and within us. May you easily discover whatever Truths are here for you. May Mastery Systems add to your ease and Blessings.

    For info and registration please call: 828-258-2220

    Intro savings special: $555 Pre-registered before 9/22, After $777 (This is a huge savings from Bob. Regularly $777, day of $999)

    Time: Friday and Saturday 9am-9pm, Sunday 9am-6pm

    Location: Center for Spiritual Living, Learning Center, 199 Greenfield Avenue in San Rafael *directions below

    Please visit for complete details and call 828-258-2220 for info/registration

    Sponsored by:

    Clarina Morency

    Directions to GGCSL Offices/Learning Center

    199 Greenfield Avenue/Upstairs
    San Rafael, CA 94901

    From Hwy 101, exit Central San Rafael and head West on Third Street approximately 1.3 miles. From left turn only lane (across from Bedrock Music in mini mall), turn left onto Ross Valley, go one block and turn left onto Greenfield and park (please do not park on Ross Valley). Walk to corner of Ross Valley and Greenfield and turn left (building entrance is on Ross Valley) then take stairs to 2nd floor.
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