Urgent! Due to shelter overcrowding this cat will be euthanized if she
> has not found a home by June 17,thursday, at 6 pm.
We are desperately trying to find a home for this lovely kitty. She is 8 years old which makes it hard for her to compete with all of the cute little kittens flooding the shelter. If she had been surrendered in the Winter months, she probably would have been snapped up almost immediately. She's so beautiful and it's obvious she gave someone 8
> great years. So, let's find her a home! We visited her today at the
> shelter and she is so very elegant. It's hard to describe her. She's
> obviously a "pointed" cat, a Ragdoll. BUT .. she has the lovely seafoam
> green eyes of a Tonkinese. These aren't faded out eyes of an old kitty,
> this looks as if she's been bred purposely for this eye color. She is
> quite a beautiful and unique Ragdoll.
Trudie #17626 Ragdoll, F, 8y. DECLAWED. This cat has the prettiest,
> palest green eyes. Her coat is magnificent and she is so friendly!
She looks far more exotic than a Ragdoll! Don't let her age fool you, she is as young as any of them :)
> This cat is not in the Purebreds Plus foster system. Please call or
> visit the SPCA to meet this cat. We suggest you call the shelter prior
> to visiting if you are driving from a long way and are wanting to adopt
> a certain cat.
> Lizz Westphal
> or Sarah Varianni
> Rescue Coordinator
> 6201 Florin Perkins Rd., Sacramento, CA 95828
> (916)383-7387, ext X9108
> (916)383-7062 (fax)