'Da 9-11 Truth Campaign To End 61 Years of Mass Murder and Plunder for Fascist Gain by Shock and Shame.
Nov. 2, 2008, Abuse News #3907 by John Jenkel, write-in candidate for president, 800-500-7083, [email protected]

United States Senators Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, and Harry Reid,
and United States Representatives Lynn Woolsey, and Dennis Kucinich:

Please help the deceived people of Sebastopol, California
Elect Sole Patriot
Colleen Fernald.
Colleen Fernald is a candidate for the Sebastopol City Council. Sebastopol is 60 miles north of San Francisco, California. On May 18, 2006, the Sebastopol City Council unanimously requested its "congressional representative, Lynn Woolsey, U.S. Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer" to "make every effort to initiate and support the rescission of Public Law 107-243." This is the unconstitutional strike-first to kill-at-will on foreign soil act of 2002. 'Da 9-11 Truth Campaign has over 23,000 signatures of concerned citizens who want to repeal this fascist law. Activist and 2006 U.S. Senate candidate Colleen Fernald had a major role in this world class achievement that has gone nowhere because of undeclared warmongers.

On January 27, 2005, Senator Feinstein referred the "mess in Iraq" when coddling first companion and Hoover Fellow Condoleezza Rice. But China Doll Dianne has NEVER publicly mentioned that the "mess" was an unconstitutional mess. She certainly knew it. 'Da 9-11 Truth Campaign had been hounding her about the optional and unconstitutional conflict in Iraq for over a year.

Unconstitutional war of congressional choice, NEVER necessity
On July 6, 2005, while still morning the murder of CIVIC founder and family friend "sweetest warrior girl" Marla Ruzicka by congressionally betrayed and impostor commanded U.S. volunteers troops in Iraq, who are ordered to "shoot to kill" any man, woman, or child on Iraq streets between 6 PM and 6 AM, Senator Boxer told the undeclared warmonger-controlled Commonwealth Club of San Francisco that "Iraq was a war of choice, not necessity." She certainly knew it was an unconstitutional choice. 'Da 9-11 Truth Campaign had been hounding Senator Boxer about the optional unconstitutional war in Iraq ever since she spoke at Marla's outrageous cover-up funeral in Lakeport, California on April 23, 2005.

U.S. Representative Mike Thompson and actor Sean Penn were also informed at the over-the-top Ruzicka funeral paid for by Homeland Security hush money.

"I'm not going to amend the Constitution"
In response to Sebastopol's weak petition to rescind Public betrayal 107-243, Representative Woolsey brought two gutless resolutions "to end the war in Iraq," but to this day never admits that it is an unconstitutional war in Iraq that is now bankrupting America. When pressed on November 28, 2006 about her oath to support and defend the Constitution by ending unconstitutional wars of congressional choice, NEVER necessity, by 9-11 Truth Campaigners and Colleen Fernald in response to Sebastopol's request, she said "I'm not going to amend the Constitution."

The first time any U.S. candidate ever talked about unconstitutional war.
Colleen Fernald is the only one of four candidates for two seats on the five member legislative body for Sebastopol who has publicly tried to end the unconstitutional wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Every American and 10 million innocent foreign murder victims have suffered from 61 years of over 140 Hoover Institute-advised and CIA-produced unconstitutional wars of congressional choice that no public official or 2008 candidate except Colleen will say is unconstitutional. She bravely includes in her platform "lobbying to end unconstitutional war spending."

The first time "unconstitutional war" appeared in the "free" press
On October 23, 2008, the West County Times and News reported on Colleen's global good platform of "lobbying to end unconstitutional war spending." This is the first time that any medium other than Abuse News has reported "unconstitutional war."

Also, no medium in the country but Abuse News reports that strike-first Congress spent $1.253 trillion, that we the people do not have and borrow from Communist China, for more mass murder in optional conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq during the $700 billion foreclosure bailout side show. You all know this and treasonously hide this from your abused, intimidated, and already deceived constituents.

Only Colleen addresses $2 trillion for fascist agenda
Colleen Fernald is the only candidate for public office in the country who is willing to talk about this record breaking $2 trillion dollar corruption at the expense of we the betrayed people of the United States and the deceived people of Sebastopol. She is also the only candidate in the country who has pledged to stand against unconstitutional wars by not only lobbying against their funding by fascist controlled Congress, which is bankrupting America, but also by calling for strike-first Congress to declare a cease fire in an unconstitutional war of congressional choice, never necessity, and to repeal of the deadly use of military force by the president "as he determines to be necessary" without due process of a declaration of war or examination of probable cause.

Because of 'da 9-11 Truth Campaign, Colleen Fernald, and Christine Pelosi, the significant words "cease fire" and "repeal of the 2002 Authorization to use military force in Iraq" appear in the 2008 platform of the largest political party on earth, the California Democratic Party. However, Nurse of Death Nancy Pelosi would not allow this language at the National Democratic Convention.

Undeclared wars disqualified candidates Biden and McCain
The fascist use of force is treasonously authorized by Senators Reid, Feinstein, Joseph Biden, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain and 49 other members of the 110th Senate under Public Law betrayal 107-243, the strike-first to kill-at-will act of 2002. All give aid and comfort to domestic enemies who profit from undeclared wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and deserve to be disqualified from holding any office under the United States according to supreme law in Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution FOR, not of, the United States.

Worst mistake is unconstitutional mass murder
You all are public officers who have demonstrated your desire to end a "war of choice, not necessity," quoting Senator Boxer, that was authorized by "the worst foreign policy mistake in the history of this country," quoting authorizing Senator Reid. Senator Feinstein, who Colleen ran against in 2006, wanted to "repeal the use of force," but like all the rest of you, has never publicly said that the optional United States use of military force in Iraq under fascist Public betrayal 107-243 is "unconstitutional."

The optional use of force in Iraq deprives persons of life, liberty, or property without due process of supreme law through a declaration of war and without examination of probable cause by Congress in violation of the 5th and 4th Amendments. Congresswoman Woolsey claims to want to repeal Public betrayal 107-243 but NEVER has said one word about this fascist law being unconstitutional, despite personal requests, letters, faxes, e-mails, and hours of public comment before six legislative bodies in her district. Senator Barack Obama said as president he would "never hesitate" to use military force "to keep the America people safe." It is exactly the use of deadly force by President Bush that has made we the people the most feared and hated people on earth and totally unfafe.

The main difference between presidents McCain and Obama will be building a pipeline -- the same pipeline that caused 9-11.
Senator John McCain was tortured by Communists in Vietnam. He will NEVER support a trans Afghan pipeline to deliver Caspian fossil fuels to Communist China, as had been the pipe dream of probable 9-11 planner Ken Lay, and has been blocked ever since by hidden 9-11 target, U.S. Energy Czar Dick Cheney.

Candidate Barack Obama, a former constitutional law professor, upheld his Oath of Office and contract with the people of Illinois to support and defend constitutional wars until the big money in unconstitutional wars realized that President McCain would never dance for Communist China and jumped off anti-Communist McCain's wagon and on to equivocator Obama's wagon. Obama is now another sold-out public officer. He wants to redeploy congressionally betrayed volunteer American troops from one unconstitutional war to another in favor of his domestic enemy sponsors who want to serve Communist China's hunger for Caspian natural gas and Japan's huger for Caspian oil.

Mass murder authorized by Congress is highest level of organized crime
Unconstitutional United States wars are the world's greatest problem. They are the highest level of organized crime. As public officers, you are under oath and contract to prevent them without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion. You have failed. Colleen will not fail to act on the Sebastopol City Council, if elected. If her colleagues oppose her motion to petition all members of Congress to support and defend the Constitution without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion by declaring cease fires in unconstitutional wars, they will be committing treason. Under California Penal Code Section 37, they will be ripe for life imprisonment or a death sentence.

Support a woman wants to end 61 years of United States mass murder
You must support Colleen to help make up for your failure to support and defend constitutional wars, or you will also appear treasonous.

Colleen can lead Sebastopol to talk to the United States about supporting and defending the Constitution FOR the United States without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, which we the betrayed people want and, to date, you all REFUSE to do.

Representative Kucinich: It is your duty to support and defend the Constitution without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion and end squandering $2 billion per day for mass murder in unconstitutional wars by Congress declaring a cease fire in Jihad and the optional conflict in Afghanistan. But this is not even mentioned in your 16 point plan for economic recovery. Why? You probably do not want to offend your domestic enemy sponsors that profit from mass murder and plunder in optional undeclared wars of only congressional choice and NEVER of necessity. Elizabeth Kucinich: Talk to Dennis and ask him to help Colleen.

The City of Sebastopol is the only government in the world that has the guts to hold the United States accountable for using deadly force "as he" the president, 9-11 attempted wife killer Bush, "determines to be necessary." There is no question that if Colleen Fernald is elected to this most responsive local legislative body in the United States, Congress could be shamed into declaring a cease fire in Jihad, which is the only safe way out of the "mess in Iraq."

Representative Kucinich and Woolsey: Please make a pubic announcement of your support for sole patriotic, Sebastopol City Council candidate Colleen Fernald NOW. Then consider calling for an emergency session for the 110th Congress to declare cease fires in unconstitutional wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the repeal of fascist strike-first Public betrayal 107-243 as duty calls, before 110th Congress expires. This will give the world a Christmas present of peace on earth. Who will oppose you?

Support Colleen and call for a cease fire, or face disqualification
Unless there are cease fires in unconstitutional wars of congressional "choice, not necessity," in Afghanistan and Iraq, and a repeal of the use of deadly military force as the president alone "determines to be necessary," that accountable Senator Barack Obama treasonously says he will never hesitate to use, under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, only Senators Dick Durbin, Carl Levin, and Jack Reed are qualified to return to the 111th United States Senate, and neither United States presidential candidates McCain or Obama may occupy the White House.

We the Internet informed people will take action to compel your disqualifications from serving in then 111th Congress, China Doll Dianne and Las Vegas front man Reid.

Also, unless there are cease fires and Public betrayal 107-243 is repealed, top plunder funder and Nurse of Death Nancy Pelosi may not represent San Francisco in the 111th Congress.

San Franciscans have had enough mass murder of third world neighbors and unconstitutional corruption for fascist gain. No SF voter in their right mind should vote for plunder-funder, home wrecker Pelosi.

We the angry people have had enough mass murder for fascist population management and corruption for domestic enemies. Colleen needs to be elected to end it on the Sebastopol City Council.

Naturally, John Jenkel