From a forwarded word attachment circulating (locally at least but I imagine much farther and wider.)


Attention Sarah Palin:

Jesus was a Community Organizer

Pontius Pilate was a Governor


Yah Mon!

"Mad" Miles

P.S. According to a friend at work, he's getting tons of emails pro and con Palin's candidacy. And the Rednecks are the ones touting her bigtime.

Nothing like a Rifle Packing Mama from the Sticks (aka The Frontier) who's willing to stick it to them thar elitist Libu'rahls!

(W)Hooooo Dawgie! Heck Fa'ire!

Git sum, git sum, git sum!!!

Pehw, Pehw

(Gunshots ala Apocalypse Now, scene with the Hughie Gunner slaughtering water buffalo and black-pajama clad peasant farmers from the helicoptor taking Willard to meet his boat crew.)